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Swimming Pool Fencing

When it comes to fencing around your swimming pool area there are three three things you will want to consider: The first is safety.  The second is appearance.  The third is cost.

There are many different kinds of swimming pool fences.  Some are built for privacy purposes and others are created for safety.

Ornamental wrought iron, aluminum or metal fences are commonly used. Wrought Iron fencing needs to be painted about every five years to prevent rusting, but is very durable and will last a very long time. Aluminum fencing is strong, durable and mostly maintenance free. Metal fencing is very strong and durable but often needs painting after a few years. Vinyl PVC fencing is designed to bend without breaking and is a popular choice for providing security around swimming pools.


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Pet and Play fencing combines a pool fence, dog fence and a child safety fence and was specifically designed to address safety concerns related to each. Our Pet & Play fencing is designed with a reduced space between the pickets that prohibits small dogs and children from easily squeezing through.

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The big advantage of invisible fencing is that its transparent and you get a great view of the pool.  In addition it helps keep debris out of your pool better than most fences.

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Removable pool fences are an ideal solution for providing safety and security for your kids and peace of mind for yourself when your pool is not in use. Rather than encompassing the entire pool area including patios or decks, removable pool fencing is typically installed within a foot or two of the pool itself. This cuts down on the amount of fencing required, reducing costs. It allows for unrestricted access to the pool from all directions and is ideal for those who enjoy throwing backyard parties in which a pool is part of the fun.

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