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Metal Fencing

Materials in this category can include aluminum, steel and traditional wrought iron – an expensive but beautiful choice. These options are ideal if you want to establish boundaries on your property but would rather maintain your views. They also can be highly decorative and enhance the overall aesthetic of your property.

Wrought iron or metal fencing is worked in a variety of ways to produce a wide range of specific styles. The bars, rails and caps are combined to form a unique package.


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Aluminum fencing is strong, durable and mostly maintenance free.  It works great for enclosing a swimming pool area. Aluminum fencing comes in different styles and different heights.  It also works great as a property border to fence in a backyard.  It’s strong enough that pets won’t chew threw it.

Aluminum fences are an economical alternative to wrought iron.  Aluminum fences require little maintenance, but are as strong as steel fences.  Their main advantage is that they don't rust.  There are many different styles and types of ornamentation for these kinds of fences. 

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Steel fencing will add a look of style and elegance.  Steel fences are generally with maintenance-free and very strong.  The finishes are generally durable powder coat paint finish.  They can also be epoxy coat finishes for high durability.  Steel fences are more decorative in a finished sense that most wood fences and most vinyl fences.

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Wrought iron fences are often chosen for aesthetic value due to their distinctive look. The wide gaps between metal fencing offer little privacy. Metal fences often hold up well over time, particularly if they have a quality coating during the manufacturing process.

Wrought iron fencing gives any property a distinguished, traditional look that is very appealing. Used for both decoration and functionality, it is made from iron and other types of metal including steel.

Wrought iron or metal produce a classic look and work well with both traditional and contemporary types of home architecture. The durability is outstanding, and most fences made from this material will last for 50 years or longer with proper maintenance.

Iron fencing has timeless beauty.  It comes in many different styles and shapes.  Wrought iron fences and ornamental iron fences are strong, durable and add safety and security to a property.

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